Position Clarified      By TOM BRIGGS

From time to time, I’ve been posting articles from AmericanThinker.com, and other sites, which likely have caused some folks on Facebook to think that  I’m racist. All I ask is that you make the effort to read a little past what the major media would like you to think. American Thinker publishes articles by some of the very best political writers and observers in the country. Many of them happen to be black. Dr. Thomas Sowell, Lloyd Marcus and Walter Williams are just three. Read their articles about what is happening across the American racial landscape. As black Americans, they are as sick of the lies, accusations and cover-ups as I am.

My fervent wish is that Americans of all colors live peacefully together. I don’t think I’m naieve in thinking that most  people of all races are decent and hard working people.  Unfortunately, race hustlers like Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, the President and scores of others wish to inflame racial hostilities within the black community by blaming all black failure and criminal behavior on whites, the cops  and “the system”.

While there is no doubt that the USA is rapidly gearing up for a Martial Law style society where local police become in fact, “state” police and are endowed with arbitrary powers that are too often abused, other issues go completely unreported by national TV news , major daily newspapers,  magazines and on-line giants like Yahoo.

Most of the major media in the USA are nothing more than a propaganda wing of an increasingly totalitarian government. Certain things are never reported. One of them is the racial reality that exists in the USA today. I implore you to Google “White Girl Bleed Alot”,  for example. A book that is endorsed by Dr Sowell and many other blacks.  It documents hundreds of hate crimes committed by black street thugs against whites in shopping malls, state fairs, amusement parks and streets all across America.

Since the US Justice Department assures that hate crimes are very rarely ever brought against these roving bands of mayhem makers,  one can only ask: “Where is the justice in the Justice Department? Many will also ask: “Think I should go to the shopping mall today?”


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