Global warming is a pseudo science, scare tactic and political agenda of propaganda, intimidation, regulation and taxation. Its objective is the dismantling of the economies and freedoms of the west with the purpose of wealth redistribution and the implementation of a one-world government. It doesn’t hurt the international banks and super rich along the way, in that it also has created a gigantic trillion dollar commodities market scheme known as “cap and trade” of carbon credits. All set up by the United Nations and the Kyoto Protocol, under the rubric of “greenhouse gas emissions”. Read “Watermelons” by  James Delingpole, for a riviting and fact-based account of the Global Warming agenda that the mainstream media hides from you. The GW agenda is funded (infinitely more than “big oil” funds global “realists”) in the billions by governments, the United Nations, mega rich socialists like George Soros and marxist-based political groups disguised as environmentalists like Greenpeace and the World Wildlfe Foundation. All use false science, propaganda and sophistry implement their agenda.They have the international left-leaning media in their pockets as well.The gulf stream scare scenario, which postulates a coming ice age that is caused by man, is just a small component of this apparatus. I file this under the rubric of “science of hysteria” It’s pure propaganda by the International Socialist Eco-facists who run the IPCC because world climate has not been warming over the last several years, as their previous false science predicted. They need another “quick fix” scenario to justify this reality.Thus, any time the real results- the empirical results do not fit the socialist agenda that seeks to destroy the western economy, extort huge taxes,  and levy heavy penalties and regulations on its hapless tax payers and businesses, the “science” is changed accordingly. Don’t forget, the alarmist scare of the early 70’s was “global cooling”, not global warming. I mean, I wish they would make up their minds! International socialists need a scare to galvanize their agenda. Any demagogue worth his salt knows this. Tyrants like Hitler, Lenin and propagandists like Al Gore knew/know that when you lie, tell the biggest lie you can imagine. They’ll believe the big lie a lot quicker than then small one. The ends justifies the means. The governments of the west have taken ownership of the air that we breathe. They have taken over ownership of our garbage, under the rubric of protecting the environment. They will eventually impose a “consumption” tax, based on the weight of one’s garbage. Huge taxes will be  added to energy costs.


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New evidence refutes “evidence” and exposes massive fraud.
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