Guitars now under attack by Greens
This story from the Wall Street Journal is yet another sad example of Communism wearing the mask of the environment. The idea in this case is to ruin Gibson Guitar Company, a long revered and respected Memphis-based company that produces beautifully crafted wooden guitars for professionals the world over. It’s a government attempt to force Gibson to produce supposedly eco-friendly plastic guitars. It will also impact thousands of guitar owners with potential fines, penalties and possible incarceration. A rapidly  expanding industry of Green Enforcement will entrap all legitimate – but not yet green enough- industry in the US in its web. When will they come to destroy your company?

Self sufficiency is a crime
The above link from the organicprepper. ca is yet another example of the environment police state in action. Wood burning stoves will be totally outlawed. Or at the very least, hugely expensive to own. Growing your own food will be a thing of the past. Everything you value and enjoy will be subject to draconian scrutiny of government enviro-zealots.A likely trajectory: All products in your home will be subject to random checks for environmental compliance. Another very possible outcome: Since wood working (for personal in-home projects) is primarily a white, middle class activity, wood will eventually be hugely expensive, if not outlawed entirely for “recreational use” . Of course, strict enforcement will prevail for construction use, but plastics, deemed “sustainable” by eco- zealots, in tandem with mega plastics lobby, will eventually replace wood for construction purposes.

Remember, this is all about destroying the middle class , entrepreneurism and personal liberty of any stripe. It’s also about consolidation of power into the hands of the international elitists of business and government.

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