The USA has been in a cultural/social/demographic implosion/make-over/revolution for the past 50-60 odd years. While there are several reasons for this demise, the motor that drives the implosion is a combination of international monopoly capitalism combined with cultural Marxism/Communism. The history of this species of social distruction indicates that it’s many things. It’s the hijacking of the soul. It is government by gangsterism, intimidation and eventually terror.  It’s the wateringof weeds and the poisoning of flowers. It is dystopia sold as utopia. It is the most unadulterated form of political, social and moral cancer. It is the robber of ingenuity, beauty, personality, honor, and individualism. It is brotherhood with a gun to your head. It is Fabian socialism. In the USA it is the stealth, slow invisible invasion of all cultural, political, educational and commercial institutions. It is the world shrouded by the blackness of perpetual lies. It is the destabilization of society. It is the ominous shadow that hovers ever larger and darker over your liberties. It is the voice that tells you that up is down, right is wrong and left is right. It is the every day world of paranoia. It is speech control. It is the closing of the mind. It is the science of lying. It is atheism unleashed. It is the enterprise of destruction. It is the hijacking of science. It is the demolition of all Christian institutions. It is the merging of big business with big government. It is the one-world borderless state. As practiced in the USA, It’s the ‘oppressor/suppressor’ state, where whites and their ancestors namely non black/latino/gay/Jewish, are the oppressor and blacks, Latinos, gays and to a lesser extent-women, are the oppressed. It is the soft criminalization and eventual elimination of the middle class. It is the end of hope. It is the devil on earth. In its various incarnations it has been responsible for over 80 million deaths by murder and starvation during the 20th century. The larger version of this incarnation is, I believe, the New World Order, a kind of de facto cultural Marxism/Monopoly Capitalism oligarchical system of world control. It’s Orwell’s “1984” Maybe it’s been the ‘shadow international government for much longer than that. Maybe from the Illuminati and Spartacus Weishaupt.  Gaining  socialistic strength in the turbulence of the 1930’s great depression, which was ultimately the birth of the super welfare state in America. Maybe the explosive growth of the middle class of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s was just an anomaly and the result of the tremendous technological advancements caused in part by World War II. The historical terrors of communism are largely covered up by the media. I am not puzzled by this. The major media in the USA (and the western world) has been leaning increasingly left for a very long time. When I tell anyone that the United States today is a de facto Marxist State, they think that I’m some kind of right wing nut case. They haven’t a clue as to what I am talking about. Sadly, most people have no idea of how thoroughly the USA has been transformed over the past half century from a vigorous and open free market economy state into a big government bureaucracy-laden leviathan on the brink of social anarchy and economic collapse. Those who think that I’m that aforementioned ‘nut case’ have no doubt blindly and naively bought what the international media, which is actually the propaganda wing of the New World order, has sold them. They must believe that their government, with its ever-increasing bureaucracy and power, it’s intrusiveness, it’s micro-management, is their friend; They must believe that television, the movies, daily newspapers and magazines are not biased towards the left; They must believe that tidal waves of 3rd world immigrants are not transforming the USA into an ever larger welfare state. (look at England!). The United States was over 90%euro white 50 years ago. It is now something like 68% white. That doesn’t mean anything by itself. Good and bad are from everywhere. Talent is everywhere. But when taken into account with the objectives of Marxism to dismantle, brick by brick, the free-economy state, along with its middle class, the radical transformation of its racial/ethic composition becomes essential. The United States is in a terrible cultural war for its soul, and it is losing. Oops’ I’ve said a lot of very naughty things so far! It must all be a coincidence that the USA has changed so much. It must be what those liberal ideologues call ‘progressivism’. It must be a coincidence that the founders of the ‘New Marxism’ (cultural instead of economic) of ‘Political Correctness’ and ‘Critical Theory’ (Frankfurt School in 1920’s Germany which disbanded during Hitler’s rise, only to reappear wearing a new mask ‘New School Social Research’ in the USA).  It espoused a decades-long revolution by gradual infusion of a inverted belief system, and not by ‘party’ instigated coup d’ tat, as in Cuba, but by change with a ‘matasticizing’ of the socio/cultural/political ‘body’) Frankfurt alumni Horkhiemer, Adorno, Gramsci, Lukacs, Marcuse (Columbia) and propaganda genius Willi Munzenberg, (Goebbels was a deciple)  have had a profound and irrevocable influence on the American University system. Infecting first several major northeast schools, then several west coast schools (Berkeley the most significant ). All to inculcate students with hatred of capitalism, their own country and its history, and with white guilt.  They teach ‘creative destruction’ and how to ‘hate creatively’ It is not a coincidence that a great majority of Marxists have emanated from the university educated upper middle class.  The long bloody history of communism is populated with the same.

Radical groups and organizationsThe USA abounds with political action, special interest lobbies, race, sex, and religion-based groups. However the only race-based, and the only radical groups that are funded by tax payer money are those on the left, including the radical left. Check out  this revealing and shocking link to get an idea of how thoroughly left the USA actually is, and how hard-working though hapless Americans are actually helping, along with  mega rich leftist foundations and individuals like George Soros, pay for their suicide. And others too numerous to mention here.

The government owns the air that we breathe. And our garbage too!They own it outside and inside and have completely politicized science in the process. Most people think that government cares about citizen’s health. But it’s more likely that central government wants to control business via onerous regulations and penalties based on dubious science. ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ is yet another charade by the international ‘health police’- better known as the World Health Organization. ‘Second-hand smoke’ is another. The asbestos scam is yet another, in my opinion. There are probably scores of others. It’s all designed to increase the range of penalties, taxes and regulations and control over and on private enterprise. It’s not that any of these things haven’t made some people sick. But in cases where only a few out every 50,000 or get sick, that product and its industry is then demonized by regulation, taxation and litigation. These regulations have cost the economy trillions. Global warming, while a naturally occurring phenomenon for probably thousands of years, has been used, in my opinion, to manipulate a gullible public into believing that it’s the major threat to the planet.  Also, it’s  probably a way for the very powerful to make a lot of money. CO2 levels effect is hypothetical projection at best. Scores of PhD-level meteorologists and geologists call it preposterous. It’s all about the transference of wealth and power and the increasing federal (and international) management of private industry. It is also a convenient ploy in that it diverts attention away from those forces- economic and cultural, that actually are radically changing peoples lives. Tyrants throughout history knew that ‘they’ll believe the big lie the most’ (Hitler/Lenin).  I wonder what the ‘carbon footprint’ of Al Gore is? The Environmental Protection Agency and The California Air Quality Control Board are just two powerful agencies that police private business. They never use a gun, just dubious science. Entire farms have been confiscated by the government under the rubric of The Endangered Species Act. If a certain fly on your farm is on the endangered list, your land may be taken by the government and designated as a protected ‘wildlife zone’.

Black Flash mob violence/looting is spreading A 2003 invention of Harper’s magazine senior editor Bill Wasik that has now taken an ugly turn. Largely covered up by the media, (is that a surprise?) this new form of social revolutionary violence is no doubt causing unabashed joy in the leftist community and in Obama’s heart. Twenty to thirty black thugs meet at a designated location, announced through a Facebook or other SNS connection,  enter a shop en masse, and loot it.  This act of anarchy is often accompanied by violence directed exclusively against whites. These thugs are the Marxist dobermans – whether they know it or not. And it probably will get much worse. The revolutionary intelligentsia and others who support the president will stop at nothing to get Obama re-elected. He’ll then have another 4 years to allow increasingly violent attacks against whites, and the looting of businesses to continue. The National Guard will eventually be called in to “restore order”. At that point, the US will be a de facto police state, regardless of the degree that the military is ‘Marxized’ and expunged of its ‘patriots’ or others not yet inculcated into the ‘new order’. The USA has become a “predator nation”.  The retail economy, as a result, will take yet another a big hit. And it’s not just ‘flash violence’. Innumerable incidences of black on white violence have been reported all across the country, usually at venues like state fairs, amusement parks and sports stadiums. I know the argument: “Yeah, but it’s the white nut case with an automatic weapon who slaughters 20 or 30 innocent people at a public venue, that’s a larger issue”. This also is social anarchy, but the difference is that these psychotic and reprehensible acts are carried out by individuals, not by hordes that can only be described as ‘street armies’ armed only with hate and revenge. The former is unpredictable individual psychosis. The latter, in its varied forms,  is organized anarchy with an infinitely greater potential for social destabilization. It is ubiquitous and ongoing. to those that clamor for gun control after a mass slaying at the hands of an individual  nut-case, I ask: should we also outlaw Facebook and all other SNS’s? Knives? Stones? Auto’s?

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