tom briggs

For this Fireworks exercise, we’ll just stick to a 2 state animation using just type. Ok it’s a little retarded, but ya gotta crawl foist, right? Open Fireworks/File/New and set new document parameters. Canvas size is arbitrary at this point, as is much in this life, including freedom. Set resolution to 72 – anything over this might cause a chain reaction of incalculable complication later on. Set canvas color to white., but first check with your local NAACP chapter. Any of these can be changed later by selecting modify/canvas along the top panel. All changes should be accompanied by a registered letter and mailed to my address no later than 2 weeks after this tutorial. For this exercise, we’ll first do 3 or 4 leg stretches and use the tools panel, located on the left side ,which may possibly located on the right side of your room. However, if you want to import an image from say AI, or from certain far east import/export outfits, you would save it first as the default file type of Fireworks, which is called ‘ping’, not to be confused with pong, the guy who owns the Chinese laundry, or the second half of a popular game. Select the text tool (T icon) in the left side tools panel. All text can be edited in the Property Inspector located along the bottom and who is probably across the street right now peering and leering at your house. Type in “Look Mrs Himmel”. Locate the ‘states’ panel, usually at the right side group of panels. Along the bottom right of the states panel, select ‘new/duplicate state’ (which is a popular technique employed by Napoleon, Hitler and Stalin, among others. A new blank state is ready for you to enter text. Type in “He’s waving at you” In the right column of the states panel, hold down shift key to select both states. Now double click the number that appears. This represents the total time that the selected state will run. For now, change both states to ‘200’ If you prefer a long-lasting dynasty-style state, type in something like 34 billion. Check the x and y coordinates in the Property Inspector. You want to make sure that the text in the 2 states is lined up vertically. Use the arrow key to adjust centering. Click the individual states to check and fine tune alignment. Take a break. Have a coffee. Negotiate an arduous business deal, do something for crissake, then return to this tutorial. Use the arrows along the bottom to run the animation. You can adjust the time in states for faster or slower state rate. Save the file and any loose change that you may have, as an editable Fireworks ping file. Now go to the Optimization Panel and select ‘Animated GIF” as file type. Export this to your favorite gif/jpeg folder. To embed this work of sizable effort and concentration into an email, select ‘html’ as format type. Select ‘insert/image’

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