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The American mainstream media has become Pravda West. When was the last time you saw a documentary on Communism? On Marxism? I bet you’ve seen scores of documentaries on Nazism, to the point where you would swear that it was the only form of totalitarianism. Ever see a feature-length movie that was even subtly anti-communist/marxist? In the past 60 years of television in the USA, you can count on one hand the number of presentations that were anti-left. Is this a coincidence? In fact today, the vast majority of America television, movies and newspapers and news magazines are, with rare exception, a cavalcade of leftist propaganda, both overt and subtle, that imbue viewers with the notions that Christianity is evil; that parents (especially white fathers) are idiots; that minorities of all stripes have been victimized by evil white guys, and that therefore all minority failure is the result of that victimization; that the atheist ‘state’ will deliver justice for all; that the wrongs committed by evil DWM’s (dead white men) over the past two-three hundred years need to be ‘corrected’; that the only dangerous radicals are from the right; that women are equal with men in all occupations and endeavors; that minorities are equal with whites in all occupations (except in sports, where they’re better!); that the major threats to the world’s population are geological/ meteorological/environmental and not political/economic/demographic; that the USA needs new symbols, icons and ‘hero’s’ to better reflect the growing non-white population;that ‘consumption is inherently evil; and that all minority failure must be sociologically based. Also revealing is that communist symbols, including the communist logo (Detroit Tiger player Demon Young proudly wears a shirt with that symbol emblazoned on it with not a word from MLB, the commissioner or the media) Images of Che Guevera are everywhere and distributed by some big ‘mainstream’ suppliers. What does that tell you?

You must read this about Marxism in Media.

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