Lieve and I lost our 12-year-old mini-pincher and best friend last night.Spikey died in his sleep early in the morning in our caravan while in Lieve’s arms. He enriched our lives beyond measure, and gave endless love and affection. Spikey brought joy, smiles and laughter to thousands over the past 12 plus years in Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Canary Islands, Senegal and elsewhere. His magical personality asserted itself wherever we went, and he could ‘play a crowd’ at a restaurant or in front of any group. He was an intensely attractive dog outwardly and inwardly. Many passing on the sidewalk would turn their heads to get another look at him. Spikey remained a puppy, a clown and entertainer until his last hours.  He kangarooed (Standing up on his hind legs) for a snack at the restaurant and rolled in the grass like an otter during his last day. As he aged, he remained 100% Spikey. He was never less than that.

Thanks, Spikey, for all the love you gave. Thanks for the thousand facial expressions, the kangaroos, the beggars eyes that said ‘I want something from the table’, the clownish antics, the bursts of wild running, for licking our faces as if you hadn’t seen us for a decade, for stealing our socks and for a thousand other things that brought joy to our lives. Thanks also for being a pal and brother to Pepie. He will surely miss you as well. We are comforted now only in the fact that we gave him much love and that he gave it in return. We are sad knowing that the days ahead will be infinitely emptier without him.

We could get another dog, even one that looked like Spikey.
but the love and magic he gave will never be replaced.


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