I guess those monied powers in control of world entertainment accept and indeed sanction rebels, as long as they’re the right kind of rebels. The wrong kind, that is, the true iconoclast, is shunned, ridiculed and censored. In plain English this means that if an artist has left-wing/socialist views, he/she has unlimited freedom of expression. If, on the other hand, they, he or she holds views that run counter to this ideology, they should be prepared for censorship in one form or another. The latter most likely doesn’t have a place in major-market music. Pink Floyd’s (and Roger Waters) political opinions and views have had an unmistakable world socialist tone during their entire career(s) and have been characterized by ‘world-community’ accepted opinions.

For an example, where is Roger Waters on the genocide taking place right now in South Africa? Anti-Apartheid is radical-chick while Anti-White Genocide in South Africa isn’t. Maybe a concert on the evils of Antifa? Don’t hold your breath. Might he not do another concert called “Roger! Leave Those Kids Alone!” or “Satan Gives The Best Green Candy!” to condemn the massive lie being foisted upon school children by the new world religion known as Climate Change? Waters (and Pink Floyd) seemed to have taken the safe political positions (as defined by world socialist ideology) down through the decades.

Up until now, that is. Waters has recently dipped his foot in the mud of dissidence for truly the very first time by his stance against Israel. The 75-year-old musician’s South and Central American Us +Them tour has imbued untold millions with the Israeli/Palestinian situation. He is a member of the BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanctions) Movement, which calls for sanctions against Israel. Wow, an internationally-famous left-wing iconic torpedo takes on the all-controlling-all-knowing-perennially-righteous Juggernaut Zionist State. Fasten your seatbelts for this one. My guess is that a number of corporate sponsors will be pressured to pull out. His whole career has been about being the right kind of house-rebel, brazenly sporting the tattoos of socialism. Now some powerful people think he’s the wrong kind of rebel. I give him credit. On this one issue, he is now a sitting-duck iconoclast, and I salute him on his courageous stance. However, Waters, an unimaginably rich, power-elitist entertainer, continues to spout on about the utopian possibilities of world totalitarian socialism. Nothing new there. Hollywood and the recording industry have spawned this species for generations.

Most would agree that Waters/Pink Floyd have been one of the major creative forces in the history of rock music. I don’t dispute that, but why can’t he just leave it at that, instead of playing the Pope of Socialism? Concert-goers will be treated to both his music and his tiring political sermons, whether they like it or not. That’s like ordering something that comes with an attachment that you absolutely don’t need. “This is not what I ordered. I would like to exchange it for a product without the attachment” “Sorry sir, it only comes that way” Waters’ untold legions of young and old capitalist-fed deliriously-hip- foot-stopping, clench-fisted worshippers pay up the wazoo for his visual and lyrical evangelistic extravaganzas. He is indeed a man of indefatigable creative genius. But how-in-hell could they afford a ticket to see this ageless musical-visual and philosophical wunderkind unless they are the very products of such wanton capitalism? The kind he finds so abhorrent. The kind of capitalism that has sponsored Pink Floyds concerts, on and off, for over half a century. His next gig might rightfully be called “The Wall of Hypocrisy

Waters was the eldest son of a communist-party-member father who was killed in WW2 while fighting against the right-wing fascism of the Nazis. How ironic that Roger Waters remains blind to the left-wing Fascism that has engulfed the entire West over the past several decades. Or is that predictable? As frontman of Pink Floyd for 30-odd years, Waters and the band had received lavish corporate sponsorships while Mr. Waters was apparently in the midst of a life-long search for political sainthood. Waters has revealed himself to be breathtakingly ignorant on the consequences of world socialism. He should read some history books about the 20th Century. The bloodiest ever, because over 100 million were murdered or starved as a result of that utopian philosophy. But his world view, doubtless just like his fathers before him, ignores history.

“Hi, I’m Roger Waters, and my countless gigs have been sponsored in part by monopoly capitalism, while I courageously and brilliantly pontificate about world socialism. Come to my next gig, “The Wall of Hypocrisy”, where I finally let the truth out of the bag. Tickets start at ridiculously high-prices and are thus affordable-only-to-the-privileged-recipients-of-good-genes-and-capitalist-opportunities. I and my spongy mega-monopoly-sponsors have allotted 15 thousand seats to those unfortunate souls of the Western World or is it the Third World, who couldn’t afford a ticket. Come! You’ll be delighted, if not reprogrammed!”

Following are the top five rebuttals to the above diatribe.

You are a Nazi-right-wing extremist. You should be investigated, castigated and subjugated to a tribunal conducted by Barry, Barak, and Hillary.

Roger Waters is heard by what, a billion people?  You’re a nobody.
Who hears you? Who cares?

You should be banned from Facebook.
I will personally file a hate-speech complaint.

You couldn’t write your way out of a paper bag. At least Mr. Waters writes prose
and lyrics that will change the world!

You’re just a keyboard warrior. Roger Waters arm-wrestles with the world!
With history! With fate!  Go to hell, pal. Pink Floyd lives forever!






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