tom briggs

Ask yourself why the image of Ché Guevara is emblazoned upon millions of items sold worldwide from t-shirts to hats, greeting cards and posters that garner profits into the hundreds of millions. The dashing revolutionary. The courageous icon of ‘power to the people’. Obviously, his image is de rigueur, radical chick, always in fashion. Allowed and encouraged by those in control of government, media, and education. His socialist exploits are taught in universities around the world. Streets are named after him. Probably public buildings such as schools, as well. Then ask why wearing a ‘Support Trump’ hat or t-shirt can easily get you beaten up? Ask why if you don’t espouse ‘world opinion’ on campus you can lose your tenure as a professor. Increasingly, college students risk censorship or much worse if they have the wrong opinions. Ask why some 85%* of all college professors in the United States espouse a ‘progressive’ or socialist world-view, or why Hollywood is almost exclusively pointed to the left.

Any wrong speech can result in censorship, both overt and covert. Compliance to state-sanctioned ‘world opinion’ now includes being forced to alter one’s world-view through re-education classes, (Stalinist camps, anyone?) not only on campus but throughout the government bureaucracy and the business world as defined by national and international companies. All have re-education camps. Ask why all forms of hate speech from the left are designated as ‘free speech’ and what used to be free speech from the right or middle-right is now often called hate speech. Listen to some Gangsta-rap lyrics to get an idea of what now is considered ‘free-speech’, but what any sane person would call hate speech. It boggles the mind to consider the silence from women’s rights groups and other organizations that supposedly cherish ‘tolerance’ and ‘solidarity’. What a vile and slimy joke.

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Street hooliganism, violence, arson, thuggery, and verbal intimidation is now invariably from the left wing. Masked and hooded youths running amuck and setting fires, throwing Molotov cocktails, upending cars, wielding blackjacks are now called ‘anti-fascists’ who are expressing ‘dissatisfaction’ with the ‘system’ and the ‘hateful opposition’. The fascists are now anti-fascists. How double-speak can you get? This criminal neo-Bolshevik element is swelling in number and appears on campus or at any political or public venue where real free speech is attempted. There have been for at least 20 years in the USA, training ‘boot-camps’ where left-wing neophytes learn the craft of social and cultural warfare and destruction. The ‘tolerant’ socialist left wing that spawned tyrants like Guevara is using violence and censorship to get its way. “Brotherhood or I’ll club you over the head”. “Tolerance or I’ll blow up your house!” “Love me or I’ll hate you!” “Live and let live or I’ll kill you!”

The left gets away with hate. The left lives on hate. The left gets away with street violence. The left condones hate lyrics, hate speech and hateful behavior and slander if it is directed at anyone they have designated as ‘the enemy of the people’ If you think that tyranny, whether physical or psychological, exists only in history, or textbooks or in some far corner of the world, think again. It exists right here right now, in the classrooms of the West from K-12 on into university. The major publishers of books and newspapers throughout the West have for decades censored the ‘wrong opinions’ and have stretched the meaning of hate speech to include any opinions that run counter to the accepted opinions on immigration, integration, global warming, race/genetics/demography, Islam, gender inclusion, anthropology, marriage, smoking, drinking, and a few others (that I can’t think of right now!).

Also ask the most salient question of all: Why haven’t there been any massive demonstrations around the Western world against all the wars started by the maniacal Jewish-run Neo-Conservatives in WashingtonDC? Because they too, very likely wish for an international socialist state and are green-lighted to commit genocide under the rubric of putting down’ radical Islam’.

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