tom briggs

While E.M. Cadwalada (American Thinker, Dec. 20, 2017) outlines some plausible scenarios that might occur in another USA Civil War, I think he is a bit naive in his assessment and understanding of what the main character that ‘war’ will be. Since all institutions, including the military in the USA have been forced during the past several decades into a new species of compliance (political correctness), it won’t take much to force the last bastion (white/conservative rural/suburban) into compliance. Once that is achieved the war, a largely bloodless war, will be over.

While there well may be sporadic armed uprisings, they likely will be futile. I think measures have long been in place that assure that a left wing authoritarian system will be permanently in place when the smoke clears the room. It also depends upon one’s definition of the term ‘civil war’. That term, I believe, was used to describe the Russian Revolution of 1917. To further assure that the rural areas (mostly white regions) fall into eventual compliance, possibly a domestic army, composed of early-release prisoners, gang members and other minority thugs will be organized. This may well take several years. It will be called the ‘Peoples Peace Keeping Army’. Impromptu visits to rural/suburban communities will likely be non-violent at first. Their mere occasional presence will instil the desired fear and intimidation. Look to history’s revolutions to understand the likelihood of this occurring. The further demographic reconstituting of rural and suburban America, as evidenced by massive infusions of immigrants, will continue.

Since the totalitarian eggheads behind closed doors have thought about this long ago, the trick will be to continue to throttle the rural and suburban white classes. Of course, many minorities will be expendable in the big picture. This demolition has been in full gear for decades and will continue. The fact that local police departments are being supplied at greatly reduced cost with high powered military weaponry is significant. It is also a fact that vast detention camps have already been built across the USA. It is a fait accompli because most, if not all, institutions and cities, towns, counties have been co-opted by Neo-Marxist doctrine, to one degree or another. Agenda 21 being one example. Federalization of police and garbage control being others. Protest(s) from those ‘white’ areas will be insignificant smatterings in the big picture. Kidnappings of politicians and bombings of government buildings might be considered, but will only delay the inevitable for a short period of time.

Creative ways will be studied to further demoralize those areas in question. Among them will likely be regional price fixing and various shortages of staples under the rubric of an invented crises for the occasion. Once the final ‘softening up’ achieves compliance, the ‘civil war’ will be over with nowhere near the carnage that has characterized history’s other ‘uprisings’. Unless the targeted segment comes up with a brilliantly creative solution to at least delay the inevitable for a few more decades, the game is up.

Commerce, including food supply and the internet will be largely unaffected (in urban areas), except where desired (rural and suburban) The US military has long ago been reshaped by PC, and it will continue to operate, business as usual, in its hegemonic insatiability, regarding foreign policy.

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