I decided not to publish the below image on Facebook, along with other unpopular postings because I do not speak the language of the country of my residence (Dutch)while taking profit of the liberal European bureaucracy that I loathe so much. It’s easier to critique that which I have no control over, than to tackle personal issues like character development and adult responsibility which require real courage and committed discipline.

So I remain a contradiction, and a  self-loathing  spectator who throws hand grenades from a keyboard without the risk of physical harm. I’m against both Charlie Hebdo and radical Islam! The  image suggests a falling Liberal Europe that will succumb to an encroaching religion that is at odds with it culturally, religiously  and economically. Translation: The European Union is flooding Europe with Muslims, but nobody should ever never never ever talk about it because they are very very bad people who are probably neo Nazis and all that.

And they should keep their damn mouths shut if they are too lazy or dumb to speak the language of the country in which they live. Come to think of it, “Islam” could just as easily been substituted with “consummerism” or “Hollywood Values” or “World Culture” while casting the ominous shadow over the continent. Interestingly it seems all the Turkish and Moroccans that I have met are very nice people with good hearts that are often probably  way better than my own.  They speak Dutch. Turkish bread is fantastically delicious heel lekker mouthwatering.  Moroccan Tagine, steamy on a shiney wet cold night outdoors on the October Coté d’ zur is also delectable, though not exquisitely so.

Sorry but I’m under the drunken deluded influence of Modernist writers who ramble on and on with mumbo jumbo often irrelevant to the subject at hand. But then I see images of  riots, car burnings and physical assaults  in  Marseille, Lion, Tours, Paris  over the past decades that involve  Northern African descendent  groups of youths with red eyes and tattoos and spirits aflame with rage from the projects of those cities and it has me in a quagmire because I know the rapidly changing demographics of both Europe and the USA guarantee a complete reconstituting of those cultures along racial/cultural lines but nobody should never ever never ever talk about that because they would be very bad people whom you could just never ever trust and they should collectively go to their room and go to hell with no supper even. Not to mention that some of them insist on writing in such a pretentious “intellectual”  style that is anything but sensible,’ simple communication’ prose ha ha.

The spectacle in Paris last week had nothing to do with free speech. because some free speech is free while other speech is considered hate speech. It all depends on the whims of the Marxist State in which we now live.

And it has been decided that hate speech can only come from the right. That’s why Marine le Pen (who I would vote for if I were a French citizen) wasn’t invited. All speech that the “international community” (leftist UN big government, corporatist, one world) does not like is considered inappropriate and is often designated as hate speech. Even uttering anything that disagrees with European Immigration policy ( as le Pen has done) is pretty much taboo, and will get you labelled as a right wing extremist.

My observations tell me that ‘liberals’ are some of the most bigoted people, not very different than that corn-cobbed-straw-hatted-Alice-Chalmers-driving-moonshine-swigging-good-ol-boy from 1928 Georgia.

Those murderers are “Radical Islamists” I repeat Radical Islamists. That’s a term that the left wing dominated international press is loathe to use. No one, no matter what they wrote, deserves to get murdered for it. I could not include all my thoughts in such a short ‘caption’ piece.

I grew out of toilet humor long ago. Of course, I don’t expect everyone else to do so! I created so much of it myself. An Easter card with the word “shit!” on it was one that I regret to this day.It’s possible that Mad Magazine has changed direction since I used to read in (60’s and 70’s)  Are they as bad as Charlie Hebdo? Lampoon had great writers like PJ O’Roark. But I don’t recall that it was toilet humor. It seemed that it was pretty literate. Did either insult religion with such vitriol?

Those who deny the Holocaust might be mental cases, but they shouldn’t go to prison for their opinions but it just goes to show you where  the power –  the blood sucking power -really lies. Who is controlling the language? The press, at least in the USA, is controlled, by what, 95% Jewish. (that  statement got axed on FB) Is there a pattern of bias there? Perhaps. Read George Orwell 1984? Newspeak. The redefining of terms. The rewriting of history. Many of the commentators that I agree with are minorities: Thomas Sowell, Michelle Maulkin, Walter Williams I’m always on the defensive with this. I should never have to qualify my views, but I always do.  I have views, see, but I’m not a bad guy.

Even historically, the 1940’s Algerian writer Albert Camus broke with Paul Sartre (I have read neither, but want to read Camus)and his  click of Marxist intellectuals  that controled French cultural norms – to this day! He flipped them the bird, Camus did, vas te faire encule  (FU) said he, in so many words. So guys like me who never worked for the French underground and never joined a PAC and never marched for the cause should shut up the fuck up and all the rest who hold similar views will be shut up because the trick is to equate right wing views with extremism then to equate it with mental illness, then to equate any opinions that deviate from those accepted by the State as mental illness.

That’s the trick, see. That’s how they did it in the halcyon days of the Russian Revolutionary State and they’re on their way with it now in the West because when you have the temerity to suggest that there’s too much immigration then you are a mental case that needs therapy for an illness called xenophobia, see. And it looks like France needs more – more what, more Charles Martel’s? (fought back Islamic invasion in 600’s)and Albert Camus’…

“We are living in the era of premeditation and the perfect crime. Our criminals are no longer helpless children who could plead love as their excuse. On the contrary, they are adults and the have the perfect alibi: philosophy, which can be used for any purpose – even for transforming murderers into judges.”

― Albert CamusThe Rebel: An Essay on Man in Revolt

This piece on French Islamic immigration is well worth reading…


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