The USA has been going to hell in a hand basket long before Obama came along. Much of what Obama has done as president, such as bureaucratic expansion, massive third world immigration and the selling out of the American worker, differs very little from what the Clinton and Bush administrations produced. However, his associations, past and present, indicate that his ideology is much farther to the left than any president before him.

His ambitious push to subvert both the will of the middle class and the US Constitution clearly indicate that he sees himself as supreme ruler, rather than president. He wishes to help rewrite American history through the lens of political correctness, by renouncing most of America’s past as the leader of the free world and as the unprecedented free market economy. When his second term is finished, he will no doubt wield even more power as perhaps Secretary General of the UN, or as chief string puller of a similar world organization.

Obama is the supreme demagogue and has no place for freedom of speech, or even free thought. He wishes to completely transform every aspect of American society. He especially wants to reconstitute the USA along racial lines, by flooding the country with millions of illegals from Mexico and Central America. He wants to disenfranchise as many whites as possible, while eliminating the middle class and small business.

His latest mandate will be to infuse every middle class enclave with lower income minorities, halfway houses and drug rehab centers.  Middle class blacks, expendable in the bigger scheme of things, will in effect become victims of “friendly fire”.  In fact, it looks like The Tyrant-in-Chief is pushing for a race war. For a must read on Obama’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule, read this.  Similar to the busing mandate of 45 years ago, this is a real estate mandate carried out by the full force of the State. Freedom of association thus becomes yet another Constitutional guarantee disavowed. All that a family has worked for, especially to be able to live in a safe, descent  neighborhood, will be negated.

Supreme Court justices appointed by  President Obama and confirmed by the Senate are both far left wing: Elena Kagen and Sonia Sotomayor. His confirmed appointments to the Court of Appeals is loaded with hard left justices.  All of these appointments usurp the “will of the people” by overruling ballot initiatives that have passed in particular states. Any measure that is at odds with Obama’s agenda, is summarily overturned by the Federal judiciary as “unconstitutional”. This is totalitarianism wearing the black robes of “justice”.

Obama is pushing Common Core down the collective throats of American students. This Marxist-based  educational program is transforming the entire curriculum of the American Educational system. It seeks to subvert and pollute the learning  process by eliminating traditional math, such as fractions, rewriting of American history, and turning literature  into one giant post modernist Pollack painting. The USA university system has long been the domain of the left wing, and the  objective  is to turn very young American mind into mud. They will then grow into perfect subjects of the State. Where the hell is Pink Floyd now?

The leader of “the free world” is doing his part to make the USA “unfree” while transforming it using some of the techniques found in Saul Alinski’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ (a book Obama has no doubt read many times).  He is faithfully following the cultural transformation techniques of Frankfurt School stalwarts Georg Lukacs, Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno, Erich Fromn and Herbert Marcuse. This is a president who was an integral member of ACORN, a radical left wing tax payer-funded agency that was heavily involved in voter fraud schemes.

The glaring fact that he and his former attorney General Eric Holder (and his current attorney general Loretta Lynch) do and say nothing in the midst of rampant flash mob violence by black youth gangs directed against whites and businesses is profound.  It is his tacit approval of institutionalized street anarchy. His close current ties and past associations with known communists and other far left radicals is never touched upon in-depth, (as it would if it were a president who had far right associations) by the “mainstream media” The international press will not touch on the epidemic black on white crime that is sweeping across the USA.

His past and present associations tell us all we really need to know about him. Obama’s former ‘pastor’ and to this day close associate is a white hater who spews vitriolic ‘hate America’ rhetoric in most of his ‘sermons’.  Frank Marshall Davis,  Obama ’s mentor in the 70′s, was publicly identified as a member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). Some claim that Davis is in fact Obama’s father.  Obama, in his book, “Dreams From My Father,” refers to him repeatedly as just “Frank.” William Ayres is an American elementary education theorist and teacher. In 1969 he co-founded the violent radical left organization the Weather Underground, which conducted a campaign of bombing public buildings during the 1960s and 1970s. He is now a professor in the College of Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Ayers is a close and valued adviser to President Obama.


Derrick Bell,  White hater.  As President of the Harvard Law Review in the spring of his final year there, 1991, Obama aligned himself with Professor Bell’s dramatic protest for diversity on the faculty of Harvard Law School. Carl Davidson, Maoist/Communist was a former leader of the SDS. In mid 1990s was an activist in the Chicago New Party, where he worked closely with Barack Obama. An organizer for Obama’s anti war speech Davidson was the webmaster for the website, Progressives for Obama which posts blogs from other 60’s radicals like Tom Hayden and Bill Fletcher.

Joel Rogers Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, author of several books, works as a contributing editor for TheNationand Boston Review, and has founded some of the most powerful leftist organizations and coalitions in the United States. Newsweek named Rogers one of the 100 Americans most likely to shape U.S. politics and culture in the 21st century, and has been called him “the man behind Obama.” Wade Rathke Is the founder of Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now (ACORN). The group has had its federal funding cut because of charges of widespread corruption among many of its affiliate offices across the country.

The organization was captured on video advising a pair of undercover journalists from Big Government.com on how to evade taxes and set up a brothel featuring underage child sex slaves. Rathke and brother, Dale, have left ACORN after a nearly-$1 million embezzlement scandal. He then founded surprise–ACORN International. Needless to say, Obama had close ties with ACORN. Alice Palmer represented the state’s 13th District, and decided to run for the United States Congress in 1995.

She hand-picked Barack Obama to run to replace her. She was an executive board member of the U.S. Peace Council, which the FBI identified as a communist front group, an affiliate of the World Peace Council, a Soviet front group. She participated in the World Peace Council’s 1983 Prague Assembly, part of the Soviet launch of the nuclear-freeze movement. In June 1986, while editor of the Black Press Review, she wrote an article for the Communist Party USA’s newspaper, the People’s Daily World, now the People’s Weekly World. It detailed her experience attending the 27th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and how impressed she was by the Soviet system.

Palmer gushed at the “Soviet plan to provide people with higher wages and better education” and spoke of the efficiency of the Soviets’ most recent five-year plan, attributing its success to “central planning.” She praised their “comprehensive affirmative action program, which they have stuck to religiously — if I can use the word — since 1917.” Linda Rae Murray, worked with Barack Obama .Left the Communist Party in 1992 and has since worked closely with Committees of Correspondence and Democratic Socialists of America. She is a prominent Chicago health professional and the immediate past president of Quentin Young’s Health and Medicine Policy Research Group.

The late Saul Mendelson had been a member of various Trotskyist factions in the 1930s and ’40s before joining the US Socialist Party and later DSA. In 1983 Mendelson played a significant role in the election of Harold Washington. State Senator Barack Obama no doubt knew Saul Mendelson through their mutual activism in Independent Voters of Illinois, an organization investigated for communist infiltration as far back as the 1940s. Speakers at Mendelsons funeral service included Barrack Obama.

John McKnight Another of Obama’s community organizing mentors, he coached Obama while they were both working with the Gamaliel Foundation -a Saul Alinsky production. McKnight is also a former ACLU director and sits on the board of the National People’s Action (NPA), another leftist community organizing group. He teaches at Northwestern University and he wrote a letter of recommendation to Harvard for Obama.

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