tom briggs

Lone doggin   Spikey by himself, in another room, wants poetic solitude.

Kangerooing  Spikey stands up, kangeroo-style, to impress the ladies or to coax a biscuit from someone.

Roll-doggin  Spikey rolling on a carpet, otter-like.

Sherlocking  Spikey with his nose to the ground while walking, looking for clues, perhaps, like the famed AC Doyle detective. Or maybe he’s looking for the Holy Grail of scents.

Haywiring  or Mad Dogging   Spikey, in a maniacal burst of energy, racing around from room to room.

Hang Doggin   Spikey is so dead tired from a day at the mall, that his head is hanging over the side of the couch, stretching, concertina-like, as he sleeps.

Three legging  Spikey peed.

Two legging Spikey pooped.

Dropiling Spikey pooped, leaving multiple piles.

Three-legging, front  In the middle of a walk, Spikey stops , raises one bended front leg, and is undecided what to do next.

Perriscoping  Spikey is scanning the crowd, both ears in a navy-like semaphore signal mode, to get someone to notice him.

Hide Gaming  Spikey plays the hiding game when it’s time to go for a walk, teasing you to go find him.

Sad-Doggin  Spikey’s brow looks like the wavy sand patterns on a beach. Something heavy on his mind. Writing brooding morose poetry, perhaps.

Hamming   Spikey holding a glove or napkin in his mouth at the restaurant.

Poor-meing  Or Playing the Violin  Spikey stares at you wearing an expression that suggests that you don’t love him enough.

The Maestro at work  Spikey, possessing a veritable full piano keyboard range of emotions and expressions, uses “ all the notes”,  including subtle inflections of the eyes and ears with head tilting- all orchestrated to melt any heart and get his way.

Gandi’ing  or Donkeying  Spikey’s lying there, refusing to move, in peaceful, non violent protest perhaps, even when commanded to go for a walk.

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