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Pictured below are frustrated losers of Antifa who wear the mask of ‘social justice’ that covers their mission of hate. They are actually street terrorists and punk psychopaths, but are referred to by the media euphemistically as ‘activists’ and ‘justice warriors’. They have an insatiable appetite for destruction because they don’t know how to create anything except trouble. They are the perfect “soldiers” for professional Communists and Marxists who wish to destroy what’s left of (mostly) the middle-class and all decency and order. They are likely an incarnation of prior residents from hell, rejoicing here on earth in their duty to Satan. The name Antifa is an oxymoron, in accordance with the technique by communists of inverting the meaning of words and phrases. It’s known as doublespeak and was described in Orwell’s classic, 1984. The left-leaning media for decades has propagated the idea that fascism is strictly right-wing Hitlerian-style extremism. They have obfuscated the truth. The meaning of the term, according to Merriam Webster is: …a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition. A tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control…So they are only half right, at best. Maybe. Today’s left-wing fascists are very much seeking a “dictatorial leader and severe economic and social regimentation”, and especially ” forcible suppression of opposition”. But they are also using race as a tool to achieve their ends. They have designated straight non-progressive whites in general, and the white male of that demographic, in particular, and the goy-white male of that group even more particularly, as the “oppressor” who needs to be eliminated, squashed like a grape under the jackboot of their tyranny, or at least sent to re-education camps. So in reality, Fascism is very much alive and thriving in the USA. And don’t ever let the media fool you into thinking that it always wears a funny-looking mustache, has a swastika on its lapel and is thrusting a palms-out hand in salute of the fatherland.


tom briggs

While E.M. Cadwalada (American Thinker, Dec. 20, 2017) outlines some plausible scenarios that might occur in another USA Civil War, I think he is a bit naive in his assessment and understanding of what the main character that ‘war’ will be. Since all institutions, including the military in the USA have been forced during the past several decades into a new species of compliance (political correctness), it won’t take much to force the last bastion (white/conservative rural/suburban) into compliance. Once that is achieved the war, a largely bloodless war, will be over.

While there well may be sporadic armed uprisings, they likely will be futile. I think measures have long been in place that assure that a left wing authoritarian system will be permanently in place when the smoke clears the room. It also depends upon one’s definition of the term ‘civil war’. That term, I believe, was used to describe the Russian Revolution of 1917. To further assure that the rural areas (mostly white regions) fall into eventual compliance, possibly a domestic army, composed of early-release prisoners, gang members and other minority thugs will be organized. This may well take several years. It will be called the ‘Peoples Peace Keeping Army’. Impromptu visits to rural/suburban communities will likely be non-violent at first. Their mere occasional presence will instil the desired fear and intimidation. Look to history’s revolutions to understand the likelihood of this occurring. The further demographic reconstituting of rural and suburban America, as evidenced by massive infusions of immigrants, will continue.

Since the totalitarian eggheads behind closed doors have thought about this long ago, the trick will be to continue to throttle the rural and suburban white classes. Of course, many minorities will be expendable in the big picture. This demolition has been in full gear for decades and will continue. The fact that local police departments are being supplied at greatly reduced cost with high powered military weaponry is significant. It is also a fact that vast detention camps have already been built across the USA. It is a fait accompli because most, if not all, institutions and cities, towns, counties have been co-opted by Neo-Marxist doctrine, to one degree or another. Agenda 21 being one example. Federalization of police and garbage control being others. Protest(s) from those ‘white’ areas will be insignificant smatterings in the big picture. Kidnappings of politicians and bombings of government buildings might be considered, but will only delay the inevitable for a short period of time.

Creative ways will be studied to further demoralize those areas in question. Among them will likely be regional price fixing and various shortages of staples under the rubric of an invented crises for the occasion. Once the final ‘softening up’ achieves compliance, the ‘civil war’ will be over with nowhere near the carnage that has characterized history’s other ‘uprisings’. Unless the targeted segment comes up with a brilliantly creative solution to at least delay the inevitable for a few more decades, the game is up.

Commerce, including food supply and the internet will be largely unaffected (in urban areas), except where desired (rural and suburban) The US military has long ago been reshaped by PC, and it will continue to operate, business as usual, in its hegemonic insatiability, regarding foreign policy.



Like a rogue wave it came. All in its path at its mercy.

In the game of slight-of-hand played by the left wing State controlled media, all focus is on bad white cops, the KKK, the Extreme Right Wing and ISIS. But beware of a most well kept secret. It’s my guess that United Gangs (of USA), also known as the Crips and the Bloods, will one day reign terror upon the citizens of the USA. They have for decades terrorized fellow blacks in most all major USA cities. The media silence about this is not just a dereliction of journalistic duty, it amounts to moral treason and racism of the ugliest kind.

It’s not a stretch to speculate that the cultural elites will then possibly summon the Mexican gangs to double the ranks of this new People’s Revolutionary Army. The Marxist/Corporatist regime thus armed, will then devour what is left of USA free society. Unlimited funding will be at their disposal. Money, women and drugs will be the magical enticer for enlistment.

Listen to some of the lyrics of Gangsta rap and hip hop. I dare you. The words of the prophets are written in those ‘songs” and most of us are, or wish to be, utterly blind to it. A bunch of ostriches . Or rabbits. Or spineless denizens of indulgence. Take your pick. These are lyrics that a sane person of any race would call hate speech. But as in Animal Farm, some are more equal than others. Some groups are charged with hate speech and others are not. Guess who is never charged with hate speech?

Of course, the power that comes with a government “uniform” will manifest in random acts of terror, assaults and rapes of whites particularly, but of hapless members all races. It will all be an added incentive. This already has been in abundant evidence over the past several years in thousands of cases of black on white violence, gang related or not, that go unreported by MSM. The Knockout Game and Flash Gang takeovers of shopping malls and other public venues go unpunished by Obama’s corrupted Justice Department. That once august institution has become a sad oxymoron.

This is free speech that you’re reading, but I will be accused of writing hate speech by many. This might get me into serious trouble. In a dictatorship, the truth, or unpopular speculation of a highly plausible truth, always will. All totalitarian systems desire that the people they supposedly represent and govern, have an alien conscience. That is, a conscience that is implanted in them by The State. A conscience that eventually devours their former or ‘host’ conscience. A conscience that has been built or rebuilt with the unrelenting lies and double meaning and newspeak of The State.

The Russian Revolution had Dzerzhinsky’s Cheka, the forerunner of the KGB, many of whom were released violent prisoners, social misfits and psychopaths. The USSA (United Socialist States of Amerika) will have at its disposal the Peoples Black Army. In a diabolical repeat of history, its ranks will be swelled by the wholesale release from prisons of minority violent offenders. A possible merging with other gangs might be named The People’s African Reconquista Revolutionary Army of gang members and drug dealers. Either way, they will be the unofficial or de facto domestic army of the State.

The National Guard, if it still exists, will have by then been thoroughly neutered and will be relegated to keeping the peace and offering assistance in natural disasters. It will thus be a mere spectator to the terror of the State domestic army, while maintaining an appearance as the official domestic army. The State Media, that way too many take as fact, is the equivalent of a sugared, chemically laden completely artificial breakfast cereal. Malnourishment of the intellect and soul is the result. Soon, enough will be malnourished. Open borders to the Third World increases the development of more malnourishment. It also makes citizenship worthless, increases social instability and guarantees a support base for anything anti white, anti European, and anti Western Culture. But citizens of all races will be the victims of the people’s domestic army, make no mistake.

When the time is right, and that time is sooner than you may think, when anarchy prevails, The State, in its imperious duty to restore order, will summon its domestic army to protect us all from one another and to guarantee that we all think and act in accordance with the best wishes of that self anointed body.



America is now learning that on the painful road to ‘fundamental transformation,’ Barack Obama has plans to diversify suburbia. The president’s suburban justice plan is one where HUD tracks the racial and religious composition of American neighborhoods and then, doing away with the choice of established populations, makes changes to reflect Barack Obama’s vision for a fairer, more equitable nation.  Continue reading



Class conflict once seemed so straightforward. Marx and Engels wrote in the second best-selling book of all time, The Communist Manifesto: “What the bourgeoisie therefore produces, above all, are its own grave-diggers. Its fall and the victory of the proletariat are equally inevitable.” (The best-selling book of all time, incidentally, is the Bible – it only feels like it’s 50 Shades of Grey.) Read More



A long story in The Desert Sun (a Palm Springs daily) recently manufactured a lake out of a puddle in California’s perennial water problems.  Maybe it’s just Governor Moonbeam’s gang feeding propaganda to the fourth estate, but it’s a good example of how government regulation and media indoctrination so often contrive to strain at capitalist gnats and swallow collectivist camels. Continue reading



To entertain the citizens of Rome, circular arenas – circuses — were built to house staged events of various sorts, including the slaughter of Christians. After Rome fell, itinerant performers took their shows on the road offering somewhat less grand, but still popular, entertainments.    More




Just what happened last week on Election Day? And what is going to happen in the years ahead?  The most important thing that happened last week was that the country dodged a bullet.

Had the Democrats retained control of the Senate, President Obama could have spent his last two years in office loading the federal judiciary with judges who share his contempt for the Constitution of the United States. Read more…




I decided not to publish the below image on Facebook, along with other unpopular postings because I do not speak the language of the country of my residence (Dutch)while taking profit of the liberal European bureaucracy that I loathe so much. It’s easier to critique that which I have no control over, than to tackle personal issues like character development and adult responsibility which require real courage and committed discipline. Continue reading


tom briggs

The USA has been in a cultural/social/demographic implosion/make-over/revolution for the past 50-60 years. While there are several reasons for this demise, the motor that drives the implosion is cultural Marxism/Communism. That political ideology has combined with monopoly capitalism to transformed the United States economically, culturally and racially. The posts on this site are offered as examples of Marxism/Communism in action in all of its disguises in all areas of private and public life in the USA.
On paper, Marxism is an economic, cultural and political theory created by Karl Marx in the mid 19th century. It is atheistic and denies a transcendent God. It wills that the State is god. It is nihilistic and proposes a classless society and seeks to abolish all private property, all private enterprise, religion (primarily Christianity), and the institutions of marriage and family. One of its major tenants is that all production is in the hands of the State. It seeks the total elimination of all ideas that conflict with its core objectives. Like a vampire that cannot stand the light, Marxists cannot stand objective or transcendent truth. It can grow from benign socialism Into an “adult” called Communism. It is evangelism by force. Brotherhood with a gun to your head. It is the main building block for state-sanctioned terror, both psychological and physical.
In essence, Marxism seeks to plant weeds in a garden once thriving with beautiful flowers. It seeks to invert the meaning of words. The word Liberal used to mean “open to, or willing to listen to and consider, all ideas”. It now means a left-winger or Marxist/Communist who is unwilling to accept any idea at odds with his own. In most of its historical manifestations, Marxism has been utilized to create the totalitarian police state. It is the father of Communism and is the best suited political-economic system for the gangster bureaucratic State, of which the United States and the rest of the Western world, are now entrapped, to one degree or another.
Over the past six decades, Marxism has been made even more formidable by the techniques of “critical theory” or “political correctness” created by the Frankfurt School (1920’s Germany) Critical theory seeks to defame and “correct” all history, institutions, values, leaders, icons and cultural norms established by the previously free state or “host state” of which Marxism is the invading parasite. The water that allows Marxism to grow are apathy, ignorance, and lack of vigilance
Marxism is defacto Communism and eventually grows from the egalitarian socialist state which now defines the USA and the entire West, into a police state defined by terror, concentration camps and wholesale slaughter. Communism needs to fracture, or split up, a society/culture by designating certain groups as “oppressors” and other groups as the “oppressed”. In the United States today, middle-class whites are the oppressors and non-whites (except Orientals) are the oppressed. Other categories of “oppressor” and “oppressed” are covered on this site.
Marxism/Communism is the lifeblood of political tyrants. It acts as a kind of tumor that metastasizes in an existing democracy. Over decades, it invades all organisms, or institutions, and thus transforms a once free and open political-economic system into a totalitarian State. ( or in the insane manner that a gardener would spray all the flowers with weed killer, so the weeds could flourish). This technique has often been referred to as Fabian Socialism. The USA now is in the final stages of a “soft Communism”. It won’t be long before it enters the early stages of the physical terror State. This is plainly in evidence by the ubiquitous roving black gangs that attack whites at public venues all across America while President Obama and his Justice Department look the other way.
Marxists are geniuses at creative destruction. They seek to destroy all western institutions by diluting, polluting and transforming them with Marxist ideology. They have subverted the entire educational system. Very similar to how the Mafia expropriated or “muscled in on” legitimate businesses. Marxists have hijacked a large part of the western media apparatus. They have almost completely hijacked science and will suppress any scientific discovery if it is at odds with their agenda. They are master propagandists. They seek to invert all cultural norms. It is the rebel state that allows no rebellion. It is the egalitarian state that the power elite, or the superclass, wants to enslave the world with.
Marxism has historically attracted intellectual theorists from Lenin to Mao to Sartre’ to Marcuse to Alinski to Obama, who’s main talents are criticism and destruction of Western ideals and institutions, while using any means necessary. In my opinion, they constitute a special kind of psychotic personality that is incapable of any serious creative “construction” and are loathe to witness it in others. Another talent of theirs is the ability to ignore the history of human tragedy and slaughter that Marxism and Communism have produced.
Marxism/Communism thrives in crises and will create one in order to weaken and bankrupt a society. It is why the USA has such a massive and burdensome social welfare state, and why now expenditures are astronomical for the military-industrial sector. Marxism has done more harm to blacks than to any other group in the USA. It has destroyed the black family through welfare dependence. It has pushed for legislation that allowed giant corporate mergers which helped to destroy small business. It has fostered the growth of the “litigious society”, where it is easy to sue anyone or any business on the flimsiest grounds. It has sided with big business to weaken the free enterprise system in the USA. It has completely politicized the US Supreme Court. It has ushered in the Corporatist State that is rapidly merging with the Marxist Cultural State.
Many international power brokers who seek a One World Government, such as the Climate Change leviathan, are apolitical and are not Marxists. However, they employ Marxist techniques of cultural inversion to dissolve the Western Nation-State and anything else that might impede their agenda.
Marxism seeks to hijack the individual soul and control the individual mind. It is government by intrusive micromanagement, increasing taxation, intimidation and eventually terror. It is dystopia sold as utopia. It is the most unadulterated form of political, social and moral cancer. It is the robber of ingenuity, beauty, personality, honor, and individualism.
Left unchecked, it will rule a world shrouded by the blackness of perpetual lies. It is the destabilization of society. It is the ominous shadow that hovers ever larger and darker over your liberties. It is the voice that tells you that up is down, right is wrong and left is right. It is the everyday world of paranoia. It is speech control. It is the closing of the mind. It is the science of lying. It is atheism unleashed. It is the enterprise of destruction. It is the hijacking of science. It is the demolition of all Christian institutions. It is the merging of big business with big government. It is the one world borderless state.
It is the criminalization and eventual elimination of the middle class. It is the end of hope. It is the devil on earth. In its various incarnations, it has been responsible for over 80 million deaths by murder and starvation during the 20th century. The larger version of this incarnation is, I believe, the New World Order, a kind of de facto cultural Marxism totalitarian Capitalist oligarchical system of world control. It’s Orwell’s “1984” Maybe it’s been the ‘shadow international government for much longer than that. Maybe from the Illuminati and Spartacus Weishaupt. Gaining socialistic strength in the turbulence of the 1930’s great depression, which was ultimately the birth of the super welfare state in America.

Maybe the explosive growth of the middle class of the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s was just an anomaly and the result of the tremendous technological advancements caused in part by World War II. The historical terrors of communism are largely covered up by the media. I am not puzzled by this. The major media in the USA (and the western world) has been leaning increasingly left for a very long time. When I tell anyone that the United States today is a de facto Marxist State, they think that I’m some kind of right-wing nut case. They haven’t a clue as to what I am talking about.
Sadly, most people have no idea of how thoroughly the USA has been transformed over the past half-century from a vigorous and open free market economy state into a big government bureaucracy-laden leviathan on the brink of social anarchy and economic collapse. Those who think that I’m that aforementioned ‘nut case’ have no doubt blindly and naively bought what the international media, which is actually the propaganda wing of the New World order, has sold them. They must believe that their government, with its ever-increasing bureaucracy and power, it’s intrusiveness, it’s micromanagement, is their friend.
They must believe that television, the movies, daily newspapers, and magazines are not biased towards the left; They must believe that tidal waves of 3rd world immigrants are not transforming the USA into an ever-larger welfare state. (look at England!). The United States was over 90%euro white 50 years ago. It is now something like 68% white.  If you think that is not significant just observe which countries around the world are mired in poverty, violence, and dictatorship.
But when taken into account with the objectives of Marxism to dismantle, brick by brick, the free-economy state, along with its middle class, the radical transformation of its racial/ethnic composition becomes essential. The United States is in a terrible cultural war for its soul, and it is losing. Oops, I’ve said a lot of very naughty things so far! It must all be a coincidence that the USA has changed so much. It must be what those liberal ideologues call ‘progressivism’.
It must be a coincidence that the founders of the ‘New Marxism’ (cultural instead of economic) of ‘Political Correctness’ and ‘Critical Theory’ (Frankfurt School in 1920’s Germany which disbanded during Hitler’s rise, only to reappear wearing a new mask ‘New School Social Research’ in the USA). It espoused a decades-long revolution by gradual infusion of an inverted belief system, and not by ‘party’ instigated coup d’ tat, as in Cuba, but by change with a ‘metastasizing’ of the socio/cultural/political ‘body’) Frankfurt alumni Horkheimer, Adorno, Gramsci, Lukacs, Marcuse (Columbia) and propaganda genius Willi Munzenberg, (Goebbels was a disciple) have had a profound and irrevocable influence on the American University system.
Infecting first several major northeast schools, then several west coast schools (Berkeley the most significant ). All to inculcate students with hatred of capitalism, their own country, and its history, and with white guilt. They teach ‘creative destruction’ and how to ‘hate creatively’ It is not a coincidence that a great majority of Marxists have emanated from the university-educated upper-middle class. The long bloody history of communism is populated with the same.
Radical groups and organizations The USA abounds with political action, special interest lobbies, race, sex, and religion-based groups. However the only race-based, and the only radical groups that are funded by taxpayer money are those on the left, including the radical left. Check out this revealing and shocking link to get an idea of how thoroughly left the USA actually is, and how hard-working though hapless Americans are actually helping, along with mega-rich leftist foundations and individuals like George Soros, pay for their enslavement. And others too numerous to mention here.
The government owns the air that we breathe. And our garbage too! They own it outside and inside and have completely politicized science in the process. Most people think that the government cares about citizen’s health. But it’s more likely that the central government wants to control business via onerous regulations and penalties based on dubious science. ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ is yet another charade by the international ‘health police’- better known as the World Health Organization. ‘Second-hand smoke’ is another.
The asbestos scam is yet another, in my opinion. There are probably scores of others. It’s all designed to increase the range of penalties, taxes and regulations and control over and on private enterprise. It’s not that any of these things haven’t made some people sick. But in cases where only a few out every 50,000 or get sick, that product and its industry is then demonized by regulation, taxation, and litigation.
These regulations have cost the economy trillions. Global warming, while a naturally occurring phenomenon for probably thousands of years, has been used, in my opinion, to manipulate a gullible public into believing that it’s the major threat to the planet. Also, it’s probably a way for the very powerful to make a lot of money. CO2 levels effect is hypothetical projection at best. Scores of PhD-level meteorologists and geologists call it preposterous. It’s all about the transference of wealth and power and the increasing federal (and international) management of private industry.
It is also a convenient ploy in that it diverts attention away from those forces- economic and cultural, that actually are radically changing people’s lives. Tyrants throughout history knew that ‘they’ll believe the big lie the most’ (Hitler/Lenin). I wonder what the ‘carbon footprint’ of Al Gore is? The Environmental Protection Agency and The California Air Quality Control Board are just two powerful agencies that police private business. They never use a gun, just dubious science. Entire farms have been confiscated by the government under the rubric of The Endangered Species Act. If a certain fly on your farm is on the endangered list, your land may be taken by the government and designated as a protected ‘wildlife zone’.
Black Flash mob violence/looting is spreading A 2003 invention of Harper’s magazine senior editor Bill Wasik that has now taken an ugly turn. Largely covered up by the media, (is that a surprise?) this new form of social revolutionary violence is no doubt causing unabashed joy in the leftist community and in Obama’s heart. Twenty to thirty black thugs meet at a designated location, announced through a Facebook or other SNS connection, enter a shop en masse, and loot it. This act of anarchy is often accompanied by violence directed exclusively against whites. These thugs are the Marxist Dobermans – whether they know it or not.
And it probably will get much worse. The revolutionary intelligentsia and others who support the president will stop at nothing to get Obama re-elected. He’ll then have another 4 years to allow increasingly violent attacks against whites, and the looting of businesses to continue. The National Guard will eventually be called in to “restore order”. At that point, the US will be a de facto police state, regardless of the degree that the military is ‘Marxized’ and expunged of its ‘patriots’ or others not yet inculcated into the ‘new order’.
The USA has become a “predator nation”. The retail economy, as a result, will take yet another big hit. And it’s not just ‘flash violence’. Innumerable incidences of black on white violence have been reported all across the country, usually at venues like state fairs, amusement parks, and sports stadiums. I know the argument: “Yeah, but it’s the white nut case with an automatic weapon who slaughters 20 or 30 innocent people at a public venue, that’s a larger issue”.
This also is social anarchy, but the difference is that these psychotic and reprehensible acts are carried out by individuals, not by hordes that can only be described as ‘street armies’ armed only with hate and revenge. The former is an unpredictable individual psychosis. The latter, in its varied forms, is organized anarchy with an infinitely greater potential for social destabilization. It is ubiquitous and ongoing. To those that clamor for gun control after a mass slaying at the hands of an individual nut-case, I ask: should we also outlaw Facebook and all other SNS’s? Knives? Stones? Autos?
Lie one: The USA is a racist nation. Blacks and Latinos are victims of racial crimes by whites. Fact:The USA is a racist nation. Blacks and Latinos commit most of the violent crimes by about 20/50 to 1 ratio compared to whites. You can check out the FBI statistics. Most racial ‘hate crimes’ are in fact committed by blacks against whites. In almost all cases, the news media will never give the race of a black perpetrator, nor show his photo.

Lie two: The USA’s ‘homeless problem’ is a result of an inadequate social relief system. Fact: The USA has the world’s largest (by far) welfare system by ratio.The US social welfare system is so vast it cannot help, along with the imperialist agenda in place, but bankrupt America.

Lie three: Immigration built America, so it’s good for the US now. Fact: Since 1965, 3rd world immigration, a lot of it illegal, has destroyed The Eurocentric social fabric of America. The USA is turning into a third world Brown Nation as a result. People conveniently forget that a moratorium was put on immigration in 1920. It was the duty of every nation in world history to maintain the integrity of its cultural/racial base. They fought wars over it.
If blacks and Latinos were losing their populations in ratio to the overall population as is the case with whites, it would be considered genocide. But the reality that the USA is rapidly losing its white population is a topic that very few will broach. Indeed, it is a subject that is virtually taboo in America.
Who is extreme right? Anyone that the media says is extreme right even though they may be only moderately right. Remember, Marxists believe in relative truths, so that the definition of terms keeps changing. Eventually, it will be anyone who holds an opinion that is at odds with the egalitarian-based leftist ‘world view’ It will be anyone who is a born-again Christian, a ‘patriot’, or a ‘conservative’ as these terms become increasingly demonized.
The terms ‘extreme left’ ‘radical left’ ‘far-left’ are very rarely used in journalism, whether print or electronic. ‘Extreme right’ has become a taboo label, much like the term ‘racist’. Blacks can never be racists because they are a member of the ‘oppressed class’. You will never find extreme right professors on American university campuses, where professors with extreme left views abound. For example Angela Davis, a confirmed Marxist, teaches at Berkeley. Bill Ayers, a leftist anarchist, is a professor at the University of Illinois/Chicago.
Anyone on campus with extreme right views would be ‘witch-hunted’ into oblivion. Many teachers have lost tenure for not holding the right views. To get a book published with a major publisher or get a movie produced that expresses unabashed ‘right of center’ views is next to impossible.
Who else has sold out the USA? It must be stated clearly that the demise of the USA is not exclusively a socialist engineered phenomenon. It’s the mega business/mega government bureaucracy that gains control and power through the implementation of Cultural Marxism. The Republican-centered Bush-Cheney-Gingrich-McCain, William Crystal so-called NeoConservative movement espouses a One World view that promulgates open borders with Mexico and mass immigration from other 3rd World Central American and Caribbean nations.
The Neo-Conservative movement is nothing more than a ‘hijacking’ and reconstituting, mostly by Jewish intellectuals, of the real conservative movement the one espoused by the likes of Pat Buchannan, Phyllis Schlafly, Dr.Thomas Sowell, Brent Bozell, et al. The conspiracist side of me thinks that maybe the Neo-cons, along with others unknown, perhaps the International Zionist crowd, were behind the World Trade disaster for the purpose of ultimately introducing legislation such as Homeland Security and The Patriot Act- two measures that vastly increase intrusion on the lives of innocent citizens by the Central Government, thus making all citizens ‘suspects’.
Another reason might be to sustain the state of perpetual war in the mid-east to further bankrupt the ‘republic’, al la Columbia University’s Cloward/Piven strategy, which attempts to build crises or invent crises where there are none. No doubt also, that mega multinational companies pour millions into both right and left coffers. The Republican Party, over the past 40 odd years, has been pro-illegal, pro 3rd world immigration and pro-big business/big bank. Republicans have helped usher in international trading treaties like GATT and NAFTA. Both treaties have borne irreparable harm to American small business while helping mega international companies expand their markets. I have no idea what has happened to the insurance industry in America, but it is an increasingly corrupt and financial independence killing entity.
Apparently both major parties have stood by while gladly accepting generous offers by the giant insurance lobby in Washington. Public apathy has also played a sizable role in the demise of the USA. People are and have always been essentially political sheep. The incremental characteristic of Marxism in American was, until now, largely unnoticed. If you have your ‘MTV, NFL, Wrestle Mania and favorite killer/slutty movie available, who the hell cares what’s going outside of one’s immediate den of inequity and sloth.
Or if you are a responsible parent who is working hard and raising a family, you just don’t have the time or inclination to notice. Great civilizations don’t last forever. They all have a cycle of birth, life and death. In the final analysis, and considering the natural order of things political/cultural/economic, maybe the cycle of the USA has drawn to a close because of comfort and lack of vigilance. “We’ve arrived, we’re safe, we’re comfortable, now what the hell do we do?”
The workplace Racism is the practice of not considering a person for a job, a house/apartment, an appointment or promotion because of his or her color. Reverse racism is when people of color are selected or appointed over their white counterparts to positions in spite of inferior scholastic or job performance. Reverse racism has a code word: It’s called affirmative action. Only whites can be charged with racism. You can be charged with racism even though there is not one shred of evidence to indicate that you are. You then have to prove that you are not.
This is very similar to Internal Revenue Laws in the USA, where one is randomly audited. That person then has to ‘prove’ that he didn’t violate any tax laws. Companies of a certain size have to hire a certain amount of ‘this group’ or that group’ To show that they are not racist or sexist. Racial quotas thus determine company policy infinitely more than competence and loyalty. Has this brought down performance of American companies?
Scores of companies have settled ‘out of court’ for millions after threats of law suit by race-based organizations like the racist NAACP and powerful groups like la Raza, MeCha (and other Latino groups), and radical feminist and homosexual lobbies for having too few of a certain group in their employ. while race-based bureaucracies like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission intimidate companies into compliance. Racial gangsters, racial extortionists and full-time trouble makers like the Reverend Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton (look at their faces!) to name just two are more powerful than any senator or congressman.
Millions have been ‘looted’ from companies like the Denny’s Restaurant chain on trumped-up charges of ‘racism’. Only whites are charged with ‘hate speech’ . Blacks and other minorities, to my knowledge, are never charged with this crime. Most major companies in the United States now have ‘cultural re-education’ classes (straight out of the ‘book of communism’) for those whites who have exhibited ‘racial insensitivity’.
Tabula Rasa The entire history of the United States is being rewritten, all through the lens of ‘political correctness’. The leftist social engineers who are running America and bringing it to its knees claim that the USA is and always has been, very sick with racism and sexism. So it follows that the founding fathers Washington, Jefferson, Madison, etc, must have been racist and sexist and that the US constitution is a fraudulent document that excluded blacks and American Indians and is thus null and void.
Indeed, all American history, as taught in public schools up until roughly the early 70’s, must be permanently expunged from the books. ‘Those who control today can rewrite yesterday’. Few realize that Lincoln himself, never considered it workable that blacks and whites should live together. He proposed shipping all American blacks to the then newly formed African state Liberia. Curious that Lincoln remains, after King, the most associated icon of ‘racial justice and freedom for blacks’
Incidentally, King had associates who were hard-line Communists. And it has been proven that he plagiarized his doctoral thesis. Another tidbit never mentioned: W.E.B. du Bois, founder of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People – NAACP- in 1909, was a member of the Communist Party, USA. That organization, once very much-needed, is now much more in the business of making money through law suits than in ‘assuring racial justice’ Personally, I feel that many blacks enriched the culture that I was raised in. Many excelled and were great personalities in entertainment, athletics, and music.
Mt. Vernon, NY, where I was raised, had a sizable black upper-middle-class neighborhood. Muhammed Ali remains one of my all-time hero’s. It’s just that I believe that integration in the private sector should be natural and not forced by federal law. Busing started in the early ’70s, mandated that kids from impoverished neighborhoods (black) be bused to the more ‘privileged schools in white areas. To my knowledge, this practice still exists.
Paying high taxes to live in a good neighborhood because it was safe and had good schools, was thus nullified. If racism is proved beyond a doubt in a housing, workplace or educational situation, monetary restitution to the victim would be appropriate. But by all means, merit and character worthiness should be the yardstick for acceptance and not government mandate. Unrelenting immigration from the third world – starting in 1965 has exponentially increased the welfare state.
The USA benefited greatly from immigration in the past- 1880-1920. But that was when the United States had room to expand and needed workers. Indeed, a moratorium was initiated in 1920(?), and immigration was cut back to reasonable levels. Allowing the United States to be flooded with immigrants from the third world is suicidal insanity. Personally, I have nothing against immigration –the USA was mainly built by it, but it needs to be regulated, and immigrants need to be legal! History has proved that Senator Joseph McCarthy was correct in the early 1950′s senate hearings when he claimed that the State Department was rife with ‘communists’. Now all government departments are flooded with those who wish to bring the USA to its knees.
Incidentally, almost all US government departments employ minorities to a very highly disproportionate number/ratio than their caucasian counterparts. “…The report uses tables and bar charts to make unmistakably clear that federal discrimination against whites goes far beyond merely achieving proportional representation for blacks. In all 22 independent federal agencies and in 16 of 17 federal executive departments, blacks are massively over-represented.“ Paul Craig Roberts.
The justice system It actually should be called the ‘Injustice System’ The shadow of fear prevails in the workplace. Companies are afraid of litigation by any number of racial, feminist or homosexual ‘rights’ groups. The courts allow ‘frivolous lawsuits’ brought against companies with scant evidence that any wrongdoing has occurred. They have to prove that they didn’t commit a crime. The government doesn’t have to prove that they did. ‘Under representation’ or failing to meet an arbitrary quota set by the Justice Department often result in protracted misery and bankrupting costs for many companies.
Other agencies, to numerous to mention here, so I’ll mention just one – The Environmental Protection Agency, wield tremendous power and constantly add onerous laws and regulations for companies to abide by. Ever tightening laws regarding ‘second-hand smoke’ threaten to criminalize parents who smoke in their own homes, all under the rubric of state protection of children’s rights. Being stopped by police while lawfully driving your car is the first step towards the day when the police can enter your home without a search warrant, no doubt under the pretense of ‘Homeland Security’
A tidal flood of illegal immigrants enters into the United States from Mexico and other third world Central American countries. Laws that try to protect states from being overrun with illegals, and have gone through various legislatures or through ballot initiatives in the states of Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado, are regularly overturned by court injunctions. This is unprecedented. These judges who willfully overrule initiatives with convoluted reasoning are the new dictators. Indeed, the judiciary, at municipal, state and federal levels, is the new supreme ruler in the United States.
The legislative process, which has been in existence since the US Constitution was signed has become a toothless tiger. The result is that increasingly, illegal aliens have the same rights as US citizens, thus rendering citizenship meaningless. A remarkably leftist agenda prevails at all levels of the judiciary. That basically means anti-white, anti-straight, anti-male, anti-family, anti-Christian, anti-privacy, anti-legal-citizen and anti-freedom-of-association to name a few.
The Lotto When I was a kid, there used to be ‘bookie joints’ everywhere, where you could ‘play the numbers’. All illegal, of course. Then sometime in the 70’s the state government decided to get into it. All in the name of financing the public education system. If it’s for education, it’s to teach that America is a racist country with an evil past that needs correction. It’s to teach that everyone is equal and if test scores do not indicate that they are, that proves that the ‘system’ is racist.
It’s to teach that homosexual marriage is the same as normal marriage. It’s to teach about global warming. It’s much more likely that the billions that the Lotto has generated have gone into financing yet more government ‘control’ agencies that strengthen federal bureaucratic power. And towards the purchase of luxury items for those bureaucrats who run those agencies. Curious that the Lotto has spread from New York State to every other state, and now I see, throughout Europe as well. I wonder if the Lotto administrators ever get audited. And if they do, who is doing the auditing.
Global warming is a pseudo science, scare tactic and political agenda of propaganda, intimidation regulation and taxation. It’s objective is the dismantling of the economies and freedoms of the West with the purpose of wealth redistribution and the implementation of a one-world government. It is funded (infinitely more than “big oil” funds global “realists”) in the billions by governments, mega-rich socialists like George Soros and Marxist-based political groups disguised as environmentalists like Greenpeace, The World Wildlife Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, National Wildlife Federation, The Sierra Club and many others. All use false science, propaganda and endless funding to implement their agenda.
They have the international left-leaning media in their pockets as well. The gulf stream scare scenario, which postulates a coming ice age that is caused by man, is just a small component of this apparatus. I file this under the rubric of “science of hysteria” It’s pure propaganda by the International Socialist Eco-fascists who run the IPCC because world climate has not been warming over the last several years, as their previous false science predicted. They need another “quick fix” scenario to justify this reality.
Thus, any time the real results- the empirical results do not fit the socialist agenda that seeks to destroy the western economy, extort huge taxes, and levy heavy penalties and regulations on its hapless tax payers and businesses, the “science” is changed accordingly. Don’t forget, the alarmist scare of the early ’70s was “global cooling”, not global warming. I mean, I wish they would make up their minds! International socialists need a scare to galvanize their agenda. Any demagogue worth his salt knows this. Tyrants like Hitler, Lenin, and propagandists like Al Gore knew/know that when you lie, tell the biggest lie you can imagine. They’ll believe the big lie a lot quicker than then a small one. The ends justify the means. The governments of the west have taken ownership of the air that we breathe. They have taken over ownership of our garbage, under the rubric of protecting the environment. They will eventually impose a “consumption” tax, based on the weight of one’s garbage. Huge taxes will be added to energy costs. You will no longer be able to regulate your heating and air conditioning. It will be rationed by the “state”. No hot water today? Wait until Tuesday.
The earth’s temperature has been fluctuating for thousands of years. 96% of ozone covering is from water vapor from the oceans. Around 3% is from CO2. And around 00.4 of that total is from Man. Micheal Mann’s famous “hockey stick” graph has been shown to be based on false science culled from fudged computer models, which omitted data that ran counter to the result that they wanted. Email leeks at East Anglia University Climate Research Unit- the epicenter of the IPCC-have revealed wanton fraud, obfuscation, cover-up, and lies. Warmists probably want to expand markets a thousand-fold into the third world’s untapped billions. The USA (and Western) middle class is the stooge left standing in this internationalist game of musical chairs. Orwell said that science would by hijacked and used to control the people and to advance the war machine.

‘Climate change’ with its carbon trading scheme, draconian taxes, and regulations, transfers wealth from the ‘west’ to the more sullen parts of the world. Along the way, it destroys the middle class. Big banks, big governments, and big business will make trillions on this preposterous lie. When is the new science legitimate? When it makes money for those behind it. Truth is no longer a component of science. If a market place can be created from false science, then that “science” becomes de facto legitimate
Sources for this commentary can be found in Watermelons by James Delingpole, The Real Global Warming Disaster by Christopher Booker, and in Scared to Death by Christopher Booker and Richard North. All of these great books are thoroughly documented with copious footnotes and other references.
The founder of the IPCC was a socialist (one-world borderless state) Maurice Strong, who had a long inside connection with communist China. He knew that environmentalism was the means to scare the western world into neo-Marxist compliance.
Warmers always talk about scientific consensus. Was there consensus in Hitlerian Germany? In Stalinist Russia? Mao’s China? You bet there was. Those scientists were “getting the results” that the regime wanted. Real science has nothing to do with consensus. One scientist in 10,000, if he has discovered the truth, is worth infinitely more than the other 9,999. If a scientist wants to keep the funding coming in, to keep his tenured position at the prestigious university research department, to hold on to his ‘reputation’, then he’ll no doubt sell his soul to the devil and give up his last once of integrity to produce ‘scientific ‘results’ that the ‘regime’ (see IPCC) demands.
Science has become bastardized, stolen and manipulated to further a political agenda. Environmentalism, as practiced by the left, is a hijacking of science, a distortion of truth and a grave threat to liberty. It’s green on the outside and unmistakenly red on the inside.
The following is excerpted from a ‘familiar’ hall of academia:
It’s been a long time that the Gulf Stream-European climate myth was consigned to the graveyard of defunct misconceptions along with the Earth being flat and the sun going around the Earth. In its place, we need serious assessments of how changes in ocean circulation will impact climate change and a new look at the problem of abrupt climate change that gives the tropical climate system and the atmosphere their due as the primary drivers of regional climates around the world.
In their book Propaganda and Persuasion (2011), Garth S. Jowett and Victoria O’Donnell define propaganda as “the deliberate and systematic attempt to shape perceptions, manipulate cognition, and direct behavior to achieve a response that furthers the desired intent of the propagandist.” Edward Bernays, the inventor of “propaganda” (in the 1920’s) as a tool in advertising, public relations and political mass opinion-forming was one of the big influences of Goebbels in Nazi Germany, and I’m certain of many other tyrants.
Where do I start? When was the last time you saw a documentary on Communism? On Marxism? I bet you’ve seen scores of documentaries on Nazism, to the point where you would swear that it was the only form of totalitarianism. Ever see a feature-length movie that was even subtly anti-communist/Marxist? In the past 60 years of television in the USA, you can count on one hand the number of presentations that were anti-left.
Is this a coincidence? In fact today, the vast majority of America television, movies and newspapers and news magazines are, with rare exception, a cavalcade of leftist propaganda, both overt and subtle, that imbue viewers with the notions that Christianity is evil; that parents (especially white fathers) are idiots; that minorities of all stripes have been victimized by evil white guys, and that therefore all minority failure is the result of that victimization; that the atheist ‘state’ will deliver justice for all; that the wrongs committed by evil DWM’s (dead white men) over the past two-three hundred years need to be ‘corrected’; that the only dangerous radicals are from the right; that women are equal with men in all occupations and endeavors; that minorities are equal with whites in all occupations (except in sports, where they’re better!); that the major threats to the world’s population are geological/ meteorological/environmental and not political/economic/demographic; that the USA needs new symbols, icons and ‘hero’s’ to better reflect the growing non-white population; that ‘consumption is inherently evil; and that all minority failure must be sociologically based.
Also revealing is that communist symbols, including the communist logo (Detroit Tiger player Demon Young proudly wears a shirt with that symbol emblazoned on it with not a word from MLB, the commissioner or the media) Images of Che Guevera are everywhere and distributed by some big ‘mainstream’ suppliers. What does that tell you?

Food: The ‘food police’ will have by then made it practically impossible to purchase dessert foods and meat products. Candy and other sweets will be hugely expensive. There will be a sizable black market for sugary foods. Prison sentences will be the result of committing certain ‘food crimes’ Sky-high taxes on certain food items will force them out of the market place. The days of the sole ownership restaurant will be over. Foods with high sugar, high salt and high-fat content will be demonized much like cigarettes are nowadays.
The restaurants that remain, corporates all, will be heavily policed with random checks to ‘ensure compliance for the benefit of public health’ Monthly ‘food reports’ will have to be filled out, stating the average size of your meals along with all receipts from the grocery store. Violations by parents may result in incarceration or at least heavy fines. Children will be encouraged to ‘monitor’ their parents for such violations.
Entire industries will be affected. All this will have a devastating impact on the economy and quality of life. An American food icon-the hot dog, long ago under attack will go the way of the incandescent light bulb and be off the market. Nefarious reasons for this abound: Children are apt to choke on it; It’s too unhealthy –too many nitrates.’ Cellardogs’ are then made by lovers of this cheap and delightful treat. Shades of ‘bathtub gin’ of the 1920s. Of course, this crime is punishable by incarceration.
Property: Laws and regulations, impromptu and warrantless inspections, penalties and taxes will all make it a miserable experience to own property. Federal bureaucracies will regulate your house temperature and the amount of water that you use. Water, incidentally, that will be very expensive for homeowners. No doubt because they have a larger ‘carbon footprint’.
Paint to repaint your house will be astronomically expensive with a greatly reduced range of colors than what is available today. Ever-increasing pseudoscience will reveal that this certain material or that certain material to be ‘hazardous to your health’, and thus subject to removal from your home. Complicated forms will be required to make even the simplest repairs. Large fees will accompany all applications for repairs. Owners will endure long waiting times for the most humble materials.
Environmental laws and federal ‘eminent domain’, statutes whereby the federal or state government claims the land that your house stands either to protect ‘endangered species’ or for the’ public good’ will further reduce the dream of home/land ownership to a veritable nightmare. Mostly, whites will be affected by this. But persons of any race, who hold the wrong views will also become part of this nightmarish scenario.
Religion: Religion will not be outlawed but it will be state orthodox. All religions and all belief/faith systems will be taught through the prism of the state ideology of moral relativism. Any divergence of this orthodoxy will be subject to the full wrath of the state. The term ‘freedom of religion’ will still be invoked, but it will be the shallowest of proclamations.
Christianity will be essentially gutted. A tour de force rewriting of bibles will encompass some 20 years. The Talmud, Koran and any other faith ‘books’ will be much less affected. Any utterances against Islam could land you in prison. All criticisms of Christianity will be ignored or considered ‘free speech’. The Jewish? They will wish for the ‘old days’.
Police forces: Municipal police will become state police and state police will become federal police. Eventually, all police will be constituted of the latter. Police increasingly will be manned by ex-felons, ex-gang members the mentally unstable and most especially minorities. (Look at pre-Katrina New Orleans!) The foxes will be in fact, guarding the hen-house.
The Russian Revolution employed the Cheka of Felix Dzerzhinsky and Hitler had his Storm Troopers. Mao, Pol Pot et al, probably used similar techniques. Remember, the general public is always the collective suspect and must remain subject to inspection and search at all times ‘for the public safety’ Private gun ownership will by this time have been outlawed. The result? Only criminals and the police will have them.
Books and language: By this time, the rewriting of thousands of famous works will have been undertaken. Shades of Orwell’s Ministry of Truth. Any references to racial and gender imbalance will be omitted. Look out, Mark Twain! The works of some of history’s greatest thinkers will be edited out of existence.
Sports: Major sports stadiums and arenas today are way too populated with whites to suit the tastes of many in power. In the NBA, for example, the players are 95% black while those in the arena watching them are 95% white. To change that, an ‘affirmative action’ style mandate will be in effect. A certain percentage of a team’s ‘fans’ in attendance will have to be non-white, whether they can afford the ticket (which by this time, will be very expensive) or not.
To facilitate all this, corporate sponsors and a special federal agency will finance ‘proper’ minority attendance representation. Thus, a ticket that would cost a white $250.00 for example, will cost a selected non-white applicant $25.00. If successful, this method of de facto fan welfare will be tried in theaters as well. The respective teams or theatres will greatly promote all this while being funded by various agencies. You don’t think that they would settle for less profit in the name of ‘justice’ do you?
Private clubs: If they’re white and or Christian they’ll be abolished. Any venue of group activity, like a bowling alley, tennis club, skating rink or bingo hall, etc, will be heavily scrutinized for proper racial/gender representation. At first, it’ll all be ‘voluntary’ as federal programs will offer attractive monetary incentives to owners to expedite the demographic change.
After a certain time, however, it’ll all be mandatory. Redundant to speculate on what will happen to those hapless noncompliers. Ski resorts and vacation venues will be thoroughly studied. The federals will concoct a way to get them more ‘diversified’.
The internet: Will be taxed according to usage and personal income. Of course, all activity will be monitored for correct speech. Included will be any subtle references and subjective innuendo that could conceivably be construed as improper, racist, sexist or homophobic. An ‘internet activity report’ will be a part of your regular mail. Itemized emails and web surfing history will be listed, similar in look to a phone bill. Fines and penalties will apply to any ‘inappropriate’ emails.
There will not be a banning of free speech, just penalties for incorrect speech – all under the rubric of ‘protecting the common good against hate in any form’. Don’t forget, ‘any hate affects us all’. The feds assume the paternal right to protect the internet ‘environment’ from the various toxins that permeate its ‘air’. Similar to the smoking laws that allow smoking, but if you do it here, or there, you’ll pay a hefty penalty. Don’t forget, second-hand smoke is a killer too. It’ll be a cash cow for the internet police. Since hate only emanates from the white right, hate spewed emails from all others will be at best haphazardly scrutinized. Penalties in these cases will be minimal.
Garbage: The complete federalization of garbage disposal and pick-up is in full gear, as municipalities had long ago relinquished their regulation. Almost all municipalities big and small have signed on to Agenda 21. For picking the pockets and micromanaging their citizens refuse, property and lives, the complying governments receive often millions of dollars for implementing sustainable growth initiatives as outlined by UN protocols. Sizable ‘consumption’ fees and taxes will be levied against all garbage past a certain weight and volume relative to household size.
The trillions that the government/mega business oligarchy makes from this all goes to the expansion of itself-just like in the old days of 2011, only more so now. Jail time is possible in certain situations, for certain infractions (all ambiguously listed in a massive book located somewhere deep in the fathoms of some labyrinthine bureaucracy) depending upon who’s ‘working the streets’ that particular day.
Of course, registration forms and fees will greet any new house or apartment dweller/resident to apply for garbage pick up. Failure to register immediately will entail onerous fines. The corruption, bribery, and paranoia from all this will no doubt require additional bags of a certain size to handle the metaphoric vomit that will follow.
Mexico: California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and Colorado will have become an extension of Mexico. The great culture that was created, particularly in California, over the past 60-100 years will be replaced by a society/culture that will increasingly resemble those of the Latino third world.
Islamism: As if the United States did not have enough ingredients to guarantee its suicide, increasing numbers of Muslims will redirect legislation in those population centers where they are most represented. This scenario boggles the mind as many of the hard socialists and communist ideologues are Jewish, if not Zionists.
Trying to connect the dots on this one is way outside the walls of my imagination. It’s possible that the influx of Muslims into the USA (and the West generally) is a technique used by international socialists to create social discord that can only be resolved by banning all public displays of religious affiliation. The main objective is to eventually establish the state as the new religion.
Marxism: Opiate of the intellectuals: “The belief [hopefully] seems to be spreading that intellectuals are no wiser as mentors, or worthier as exemplars, than the witch doctors or priests of old. I share that skepticism. A dozen people picked at random off the street are at least as likely to offer sensible views on moral and political matters as a cross-section of the intelligentsia.” “Having spent much of my life with intellectuals, I say this with all honesty: intellectuals are some of the stupidest people I have ever met. Not all by any means, but many of them. Or perhaps better said, intellectuals are smarter than other people but no less wise when it comes to politics –as evidenced by so many intellectuals who became communists. As a college student at UCLA at the end of the Cold War, I must have had some of the very last Marxists in the whole world as my political science…
Cardinal Mindszenski Foundation William Borst, PhD.
Treason of the Intellectuals
Treason of the Intellectuals was the title of a 1928 book by Julien Benda, originally published in French as La Trahison des Clercs. The term Clerc has an obvious similarity to the word cleric, and Benda used it in the sense of people who devoted their lives to ideas and thought without necessarily being concerned with practical applications. Benda was distressed at the way intellectuals of the early 20th Century had been increasingly seduced by the appeal of power, and by the possibility that men of ideas…
Light bulbs My early observations are that the light quality in the new ‘bulbs’ is terrible, and probably will eventually cause eye problems for me and many other people. These ugly inventions of international socialism and mega business will no doubt be a health threat to millions. They are yet another example of government intrusion in the marketplace. All in the name of global warming, a pseudoscience.
Do you mean to tell me that our government actually is concerned with our energy costs? Watch your energy costs increase in the years ahead. How is one to know if the claims of longevity are actually true? All I know is that these preposterous alien forms are ten-fold more expensive than the old bulbs and give very poor light as well. The fact that these new bulbs have a high mercury content is covered up in most of the media. It’s a sad spectacle indeed, to witness one of the greatest inventions ever go by the boards in favor of a far inferior and much more expensive model.


JOHN WHITEHEAD  The Rutherford Institute

“What the government is good at is collecting taxes, taking away your freedoms and killing people. It’s not good at much else.”
Author Tom Clancy

Call it what you will—taxes, penalties, fees, fines, regulations, tariffs, tickets, permits, surcharges, tolls, asset forfeitures, foreclosures, etc.—but the only word that truly describes the constant bilking of the American taxpayer by the government and its corporate partners is theft. Continue reading



My last article documented the funding of the March 1917 Revolution in Russia.  1] The primary financier of the Russian revolutionary movement 1905–1917 was Jacob Schiff, of Kuhn Loeb and Co., New York. In particular Schiff had provided the money for the distribution of revolutionary propaganda among Russians prisoners-of-war in Japan in 1905 by the American journalist George Kennan who, more than any other individual, was responsible for turning American public and official opinion against Czarist Russia. Kennan subsequently related that it was thanks to Schiff that 50,000 Russian soldiers were revolutionized and formed the cadres that laid the basis for the March 1917 Revolution and, we might add–either directly or indirectly–the consequent Bolshevik coupof November. The reaction of bankers from Wall Street and The City towards the overthrow of the Czar was enthusiastic.  Read More


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We mustn’t forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish.  Here’s a particularly forlorn historical date: Almost 100 years ago, between the 19th and 20th of December 1917, in the midst of the Bolshevik revolution and civil war, Lenin signed a decree calling for the establishment of The All-Russian Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution and Sabotage, also known as Cheka.

Within a short period of time, Cheka became the largest and cruelest state security organization. Its organizational structure was changed every few years, as were its names: From Cheka to GPU, later to NKVD, and later to KGB.  Continue reading